Nail Salons Des Moines: Now There’s a Third Option

nail salons des moines

When it comes to nails salons Des Moines, you're faced with a choice:

  • ​"Fast Food Nails:" where you have crowded rooms with people crammed together, technicians babbling in different languages, questionable sanitation, cut-rate prices and hurried out the door as soon as possible.
  • Day Spa Nails: Top quality, and top prices.

Now There's a Third Option...

Now there is a third option when it comes to nail salons Des Moines.

Perfect Nails and Skin Care gives you...

  • ​Book an appointment at YOUR convenience 24/7/365,
  • One-on-one treatment in,
  • Private rooms, and an intimate setting,
  • Medical grade sanitation and,
  • Technicians who only speak English,
  • Long term relationships based on friendship and trust.

For less than the price of the premium day spa.


The salon is very clean and her manicures last a long time...

Tram is wonderful! Very professional and one of the sweetest people you will meet. The salon is very clean and her manicures last a a long time so it's well worth your money. I highly recommend her to anyone

Perfect Nails and Skin Care…Private, "Clean-Freak" Sanitation, Unhurried, Attention To Detail, and Personalized To You.

nail salons des moines

What we're not: If you're looking for lots of chairs, lots of noise, strangers sitting beside you, technicians babbling in different languages, and cut-rate prices, we aren't for you.

What we are: Perfect Nails and Skin care is a different kind of nail and facial spa. Urbandale's only boutique nail and facial spa. Every client is special. Other people say it, we mean it! It's just you and the owner, every time. Private, ultra-clean, state-of-the-art equipment, and professional. The emphasis in on:

  • Medical grade quality treatments,
  • Top-of-the-line products, and service.
  • You are never rushed through your service,
  • You will never leave our spa until your nails or facial are just the way you want it.
  • Only one language is spoken…English.
  • Our nail treatments and facials last longer than everyone else's.
nail salons des moines

Many clients report their nails and treatments last 3-4 times longer than other salons. Your nail and facial problems will disappear.

Our skin care services are so good that our clients (More than one) have reported they quit going to a dermatologist.

Our prices reflect quality service and products, not "fast-food nails and facials." Once you have tried the Perfect Nails or Skin Care Treatment, most people never go anywhere else and become customers for life.

That is what Perfect Nails and Skin Care is about…customers for life. That is what a nail salon Des Moines should be about.

Become a "customer for life" now, because soon we won't be accepting any more new clients.Tram is that good.

Sound too good to be true? If you don't believe us, look at our testimonials.

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"Tram is the best...

"Tram is the best! Clean, relaxing, personal service from someone who understands what customer service really means! I can relax and know that my nails will be perfect!"

Cheryl Ouverson



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